Tailwheel Training

Improve your flying skills and have fun while learning how to fly a conventional gear airplane in our 2009 CubCrafters SportCub S2. Tailwheel training is some of the most valuable training one can experience. Very few airports offer tailwheel aircraft for rent, the SportCub S2 with its mix of performance and easy handling characteristics make it a perfect trainer.

Time: Depends on level of proficiency. The average student takes between 10-15 hours to obtain a tailwheel endorsement.
Cost: Airplane $114/hour wet.
Approximately $1540 for 10 hours, $2310 for 15 hours
Hull Insurance is required to receive training and to rent the airplane solo.

Please contact us at 503-451-3480 or flight@twinoaksairpark.com for more information.

Prices and rates are subject to change without notice. All training and rentals are subject to the terms and conditions in the Renters’ Agreement.