Light Sport

Twin Oaks has two perfect Light Sport airplanes available for rent. Twin Oaks has a brand new Cessna 162 SkyCatcher. We also have CubCrafters SportCub S2. Both of these airplanes are powered by the reliable Continental 0-200, 100hp engine. One is a Tricycle gear the other is a Tailwheel.

New Pilot candidate who does not have any FAA pilot certificate

  • Start ground and flight training from a CFI to be a Sport Pilot.
  • Obtain student pilot certificate to Solo from a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), your local FAA FSDO office, or an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) while getting a 3rd class medical.
  • Have CFI endorse Student Pilot certificate for make/model and provide appropriate logbook limitations to solo.
  • Receive endorsement to take knowledge test. (This can be through home study course or from a CFI.)
  • Pass FAA knowledge Test.
  • Meet the knowledge and flight proficiency requirements in 61.309 thru 61.313 from a Sport Pilot CFI.
    • The minimum is 20 hours flight time which is 15 hours of dual instruction and 5 hours of solo.
    • It usually takes more than the minimum to become a qualified and safe pilot especially in a Tailwheel airplane.
    • Receive and log 2 hours dual training for the checkride 60 days before your checkride (practical test) and obtain endorsements for practical test from Sport Pilot CFI on form 8710-11.
  • Receive Sport Pilot Certificate and log book endorsement for type of aircraft used for practical test (speed endorsement is required and should be obtained before checkride so it does not have to be obtained after checkride).

Pilot who has an FAA pilot certificate (Recreational or higher) with or without a medical Recreational/Private pilot or higher wanting to exercise Sport pilot privileges with same category and class of LSA. Example: Airplane single engine land category/class wants to fly Light-Sport Airplane land tricycle gear
Meet medical requirements: Can use drivers license or FAA medical to meet medical eligibility.

  • Have current biennial flight review in any civil aircraft you are qualified in. (Same as Private Pilot currency.)
  • Must have three takeoffs and landings within 90 days in the category/class Light Sport aircraft logged if you want to carry a passenger in that LSA category/class (Same as Private Pilot currency.)
  • Using Driver’s license as medical eligibility – limitations.
    • Operate only LSA category/class same as airplane category/class, or logbook endorsement for additional LSA category/class.
    • Operate LSA with sport pilot limitations per 61.315 (10,000 feet MSL/2000 feet AGL, 3 miles visibility, no night, etc.), but NOT required to have the airspeed or airspace B, C,& D endorsements.
  • Using FAA minimum 3rd class medical as medical eligibility – privileges. Operate only LSA category/class same as airplane category/class, or logbook endorsement for additional LSA category/class. Do NOT have to comply with any Sport Pilot limitations per 61.315. (You’re using your Private Pilot certificate to fly LSA as private pilot privileges.)

NOTE: If an FAA medical has been revoked, denied, withdrawn, or suspended, this requires a special issuance to clear the medical, before the driver’s license may be used as medical