Private Pilot

Ever had a dream of flying your family to the coast for lunch? You can do that with just a Private Pilots license. Whether your goal is recreation or career oriented getting your private pilot’s certificate is the first step on your aviation journey.

Eligibility Requirements:
Dual Lessons in a Aircraft can begin at any age.
Be 16 years old to solo.
Be 17 years old to receive you private pilot certificate.
Read, speak, and understand English.
Hold at least a third class medical certificate. (If you cannot do this obtaining your sport license is a great option).

A private pilot is free to travel almost anywhere in the United States and the World. However, in order to fly in clouds, or above 18,000ft, one needs to obtain an instrument certificate.  Aside from that the sky literally is the limit for a private pilot.

Learning to fly is a matter of acquiring aeronautical knowledge, flight proficiency, and experience. Think of this process of earning a private pilot certificate as a series of steps. The process can be broken down into the following subjects.

  • Aeronautical knowledge and FAA knowledge test
  • Pre-Solo training
  • Solo Training
  • Cross-country Training
  • Practical Test Preparation
  • Practical Test

How Much Does it Cost?
Training costs will vary depending on the individual student’s level of commitment and skill. The largest variable that affects the final cost is the number of flight hours required to earn the Private Pilot certificate. Some reach the necessary competence level at the FAA minimum of 40 hours, while others may take longer. The best way to minimize total flight hours is to stay focused and to fly frequently. The following table outlines the expected costs in a Cessna 150. Note these prices are based on the average student, not just he minimum hours required.

50 Hours Aircraft Rental $4250
30 Hours Flight Instruction $1320
Training Material $200
Renters Insurance $350
Medical Exam $100
Computerized Written Test $150
Flight Test Aircraft Rental $125
Pilot Examiner’s Fee $300
Total $6795